A necessary warning (and perhaps a preface)

December 12, 2009

This is a call, this is the wake-up call to our conscience, to our reasoning. It only begins with education, the consequences of this change, this academic change, will echo through time, affecting all the aspects of our lives.

What is necessary is that we escape from the mold, that we unlock the path to knowledge within our brains. What is necessary is that we transcend from our egos, our fears, that we take advantage of our time in this life to leave a better place behind once we leave.

If change does not come in time for us, let it come for our sons, for our next comings, for the human beings that are to follow. Let our individual feelings be what they truly are, the feelings of the human race.

This is a glimpse to what might be, not if we cast aside differences, but if we embrace them, if we perceive that all our differences are in fact connected. From one single atom to the entire Universe there is an everlasting connection.

Through our races and creed, we must not try to separate, differentiate, we must try to understand. This shows we can have a common goal as species, this shows a small part of what happens if we share.

All experiences and perceptions are valid, most are somehow explainable, but all of them finally converge to our existence. We will be always unable to explain it if we do not allow individual views to be freely discussed and merged to society’s.

Freedom of thought and information is beyond governments and religions, it only depends on our individual willingness to share and connect as we please, without the fear of being wrong, and all imposition and oppression is against it.

If you do decide to take this into your sphere of knowledge and perception, I urge you to do so with an open mind, use the very Internet that brought you here to go further, to associate and learn more about any ideas this text might give you.

Expand it, enhance it, and complement it with your own reflections. Our existence and survival will only hold if we do so in all we come in contact with. And if you do not feel you have something to add to this then use the mental tools you have been given and improve something else.

What is needed now is that we go against the stream, breaking the inertia we have been cast into; do not be afraid to think, to create or to explore. Do not fear to use the connection making machine all humans possess: it is only natural.

Escape the mind maze, allow yourself to learn about what you wish, allow yourself to expose your ideas without any fear of reproach. Allow yourself to BE yourself: free.

In freedom of thought lies a remarkable thing: peace. Not a goal, bout a consequence. Freedom of thought is peace of mind, and if we are at peace with ourselves, it is much easier to be in peace with our world. The individual is to rise beyond itself and become united in society, the human species can prevail only through that.

The Manifesto.